Feedback and complaints

We make every effort to give the best service possible to everyone who attends our practice.

However, we are aware that things can go wrong resulting in a patient feeling that they have a genuine cause for complaint. If this is so, we would wish for the matter to be settled as quickly, and as amicably, as possible.

To pursue a complaint please complete our feedback form.

Giving feedback

To provide feedback:

Further written information is available regarding the complaints procedure from reception.

Making a complaint

We are continually looking to turn our patients’ feedback and complaints into real improvements in the services we provide, if appropriate. We care about things that matter most to our patients, carers and their families.

We would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion on how we can do things better to improve your care and experience. We strongly believe that patients needs to be involved and empowered to help manage their own conditions in the best way possible.

Likewise if you do have a legitimate complaint, please let us know and we appreciate you taking the time to document your concerns. They will be thoroughly investigated and you will receive a response as appropriate.

We aim to provide an initial response within 5 working days. If it is for a complaint, we do like to have an initial telephone conversation to discuss and investigate further.

Our aim is to finalise all complaints within 30 days. This allows the Practice Management team to fully investigate, consult with other member/s of the team involved, review your medical record and if necessary check all other documents and recall the recorded telephone calls for review.

Full details of our complaints process including timescales can be found within the document below:

Complaints procedure (PDF)