Healthcare team

Community midwife

The community midwife attached to our practice runs ante-natal clinics, as well as parentcraft and relaxation sessions. If you wish to contact her, please phone 01242 272318 between 8:20am to 9:30am, or leave a message on the answer machine (same number) so that she can return your call.

Book your first midwife appointment

For more information on maternity services in your area, visit the wellbeing and health directory, enter your postcode and select maternity.

Community nurses

District nurses are attached to our surgery from the Primary Care Trust to provide nursing treatment for patients who are housebound and to provide palliative care for patients in the community with terminal illness.

Health visitors

Are registered nurses or midwives, they work in the community supporting families with young children. Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing. Please call 0300 421 6166.