Gloucestershire Royal & Cheltenham General Hospitals

Both hospitals Emergency Departments had an exceptionally busy weekend and this is expected to increase over the coming days.    They have asked us to notify patients.

Patients attending both hospitals may therefore encounter longer delays than usual Some outpatient and elective procedures have been cancelled to free resource to support urgent and emergency care and ambulance handovers.

If people are ill or injured, and if it’s not life threatening and you are unsure where to turn, we advise you to use or call 111. The local ASAP Glos NHS App and can also provide step by step care advice on specific health conditions and which local service to use when.

We are also highlighting the benefits of getting advice on minor health issues from a local community pharmacy who can also advise on whether another NHS service is needed. Most Community Minor Illness and Injury Units are open until 8pm every day. People are advised to book by calling the local MIIU line on 0300 421 7777 or 111.